Difference Between Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing

How much of an impact a company has on its clients determine how successful that company will be. This has been easier compared to traditional PR since the arrival of technology and social media.

There are two methods to contact someone, though. The first is via using social media marketing.

Influencer marketing is the other. Although they both may have a similar sound, they are very different from one another.

Social media marketing:

Everyone assumes that social media marketing is mostly conducted through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram & they are right, but how is it accomplished, exactly?

The simplest response is as follows:

Social media marketing = people ⟶ brands

Brands actively upload them to their social media profiles when using social media marketing.

Either they pay for advertising to reach a large audience, or they employ a variety of hashtags or other methods to directly contact their target audience.

Social media marketing advantages include:

  • Boosts sales effectively
  • Easy to approach individuals
  • There are no geographic restrictions on sales.
  • Uses analytics to assist in tracking people

Influencer Marketing:

Even if you can easily reach out to your audience via social media marketing, it can be challenging to win their trust and persuade them to purchase your product simply by posting images or videos of your company or goods online. You need an intermediary at this point in

order to win people over and instill confidence in your brand. This entire process is known as “influencer marketing,” and that intermediary is referred to as the “Influencer”.

How does influencer marketing operate now?

Influencer marketing = Brand ⟶ Influencer ⟶  People

Let’s use an illustration to try to comprehend this: In your neighborhood, your friend opened a new restaurant and distributed flyers to promote it. Now, it’s possible that your neighbors who don’t genuinely know your friend won’t be interested in that eatery. However, if you let your neighbors know about the high caliber of the food and your friendship with the owner of the restaurant, they could be inclined to visit and try the fare there.

In this instance, you functioned as your friend’s neighbor’s influencer and assisted him in promoting his business.

Influencer marketing advantages:

  • Builds trust and credibility.
  • Social media accounts for businesses are not required.
  • Makes a brand more visible
  • Aids in boosting sales.
  • Both economical and time-saving
  • Ideal for any type of business

Let’s try to comprehend the points above:

  1. Establish credibility and trust: It may take months or even years for a new company to gain the confidence of its customers and grow its sales. However, it will be quite simple to convince people to believe in your brand if you consult an influencer who has a large following and has already won their hearts.
  1. Boosts brand awareness: It takes time to earn people’s trust, and an influencer is someone who has a strong understanding of their audience and understands exactly what they are going to appreciate and how to make it happen. Therefore, once the right influencer is selected, it is then their responsibility to inform people about the brand
  1. Aids in boosting sales: Sales will rise if the audience trusts the influencer and the brand, which will happen if both of these things are true.
  1. Cost-effective and time-saving: As previously noted, all that is required to avoid waiting months or years for the ideal audience is the identification of an influencer, who will then handle the rest of the work. Additionally, you are not required to pay anyone other than the influencer. Either you may charge for your services or you can give influencers free presents each month.
  1. Ideal for any type of business: What you are selling has no restrictions. Expert influencers can be found in practically every industry, including fitness, beauty, health, and e-commerce. Different influencing methods may be employed by businesses to boost growth.


Social media marketing or Influencer marketing which is better: 

Each marketing strategy has advantages of its own. In plainer language, we may state that developing a social media marketing strategy for a business takes time, especially for new brands. However, with the improved forms of social media marketing, like influencer marketing, individuals actually get the chance to interact with other people and provide their feedback about the products in the form of comments, which makes it simple to trust that company and ultimately helps to increase sales.

Influencer marketing is a people-based strategy in contrast to social media marketing, which is mostly product orientated.

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